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AI-Based Customer Experience Management Platform

Listen to your customers and take action with Cloud4Feed!

Make accurate and effective decisions to increase customer loyalty and retention based on customer feedback.

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How it Works

Cloud4Feed analyses feedback and gives AI-based analytics and actionable insights

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Analyze the Feedback

Get AI-Based Insights

Get Notified & Take Action

Cloud4Feed is an AI-based voice of customer and employee platform that helps businesses to enhance their customer and employee experience by analyzing continuous and real-time feedback.


Cloud4Feed’s functionalities allow you to close the feedback loop, identify unhappy customers, and act instantly on their feedback with the goal of increasing loyalty and retention.



360° Aspect On Customer Experience Management



Listen to your customers through Cloud4Feed's omnichannel feedback options including;

  • SMS

  • Email

  • Mobile Application

  • IVR

  • Tablet Kiosk

  • QR

  • Wi-Fi

  • NFC

  • Web Widget


Analyze the feedbacks that you collected with Cloud4Feed features;

  • Survey Creation Wizard

  • Net Promoter Score Survey (NPS)

  • Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

  • Customer Effort Score (CES)

  • Employee Loyalty Measurement and Evaluation

cloud4feed analytics
cloud4feed analytics
cloud4feed analytics


Cloud4Feed ensures that you have qualified gains by using advanced algorithms, and positioning the data in the insights you want to create.

  • Rich Data Visualization Panels

  • Sentiment Analysis by NLP

  • Intent Analysis by NLP

  • Topic Detection by NLP

  • Impact Analysis

  • RFM Analysis

cloud4feed analytics


Get notified about your customer's feedback and take action to improve customer engagement and loyalty without wasting time.

  • Instant Alarms

  • Task / Case Management

  • Critical Level Alerts

  • Automatic Periodic Report Submission

cloud4feed dashboard

Industries We Serve

More than 100 companies in 15+ industries use Cloud4Feed to make feedback-oriented decisions, increasing their brand values and maximizing customer and employee satisfaction.

Success Story


How We Helped Yves Rocher?

"Cloud4Feed began with a clear understanding of the Yves Rocher brand's expectations and needs, thanks to its proactive and results-oriented team.

Following that, it made our lives easier by providing highly professional dashboard designs in the fields of generating insight and turning the customer's voice into action, which is one of the most critical points for us.

As the Yves Rocher brand, we can conduct much more in-depth analysis by combining CRM data, which is one of our strengths, with NPS data. This significantly improves the measurable outcomes of the actions we take."

Gül Elitok
Customer & Marketing Insight Manager

Yves Rocher, Turkey

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